Greatly expand revenue in
e-commerce networks
To earn and spend within any e-commerce services network, while eliminating third-party processing
No Credit Cards
No Bank
No 3rd Party processor
made fast and free for all
No third-party processors required to earn and spend means many more
users and more completed transactions
Only possible with OUR patented
Fluid Commerce™ technology
To earn and spend within any e-commerce services network,
while eliminating third-party processing fees, requires use of our patents
Evvio is an e-commerce technology company that eliminates the need for legacy payment systems. Legacy payment systems were designed for merchant-to-consumer commerce, so Fluid Commerce also unleashes the full potential of person-to-person e-commerce.
Free: no financial transaction fees
Instant: one-tap transactions and settlement
Inclusive: everyone can earn and spend online, using any form of currency or value, making adoption easy
Increased Income
Earn dollars or new digital currencies, tokens or rewards without a bank account or credit card.
Purchase services or products anywhere, instantly, with one tap.
Faster and Frictionless

No delays or login steps. Eliminate unnecessary financial transaction fees, like credit card fees.

Whenever users of a metaverse, sharing economy system, super app or gaming platform earn any form of digital value and use that value to buy any services or goods (physical or virtual), the transactions are likely using Evvio’s patented Fluid Commerce technology.
The Features of Fluid Commerce
Provides earners of digital values (tokens, rewards etc) a broader range of spending opportunities

Broad applicability across marketplace types (e.g. payment providers, sharing economy, super apps, metaverse, gaming, etc)

Expands ecommerce revenue by increasing the number of participating buyers and sellers
No bank account or credit card needed; everyone can earn or receive value and spend it

Any digitally stored value can be used: dollars, other currencies, rewards, tokens, points, crypto and restricted-use funds
Transactions are instant and streamlined – just “one tap”

Eliminating steps and delays that third party payment processing causes

No financial transaction fees; peer-to-peer value transfer without fees

Social Commerce Networks

Makes person-to-person commerce via social media channels open to all

The ever-growing use of social media for earning and buying is still restricted by the necessity for bank accounts and/or credit cards. Removing that limitation and making social commerce open to all, generates a significant market expansion with more people retaining and creating more value. NFT Marketplaces

Super Apps

Giving all users ability to earn and spend without financial barriers to entry

Supercharges adoption and magnifies retention of users who enjoy a frictionless experience without financial fees. With financial barriers to entry to removed, user growth and retention will be high (eg Wechat has 1 billion users who don’t need a bank account).

NFT Marketplaces

Grows NFT Marketplaces by making NFT buying and selling quicker and simpler

NFTs will become assets that can be traded and exchanged for other goods and services. If an NFT Marketplace has an embedded digital wallet, where the NFT can be stored alongside other digital value, and that wallet is connected to other marketplaces, owners can more easily buy and sell the NFTs they hold.

Sharing Economy

Increased financial opportunity for all (banked and unbanked)

Anyone who has a skill or resource to share can trade it without needing access to the traditional financial system. Without financial fees or financial barriers to entry, the growth in the sharing economy will accelerate.

Inclusive Economy

Encourages growth in community services and a more efficient economy

All community residents are empowered to earn digital value within their local economy that can pay for many of their expenses (eg housing, training, taxes etc) Funds can be transferred between all members of the community instantly, without the need for bank accounts or the financial cost and delays of the legacy check creation and cashing processes.


Power customers and revenue growth by creating new marketplaces for virtual venues, shops and services

More users and virtual world service providers are attracted by a fast and secure trade confirmation on a range of digital assets

More cost effective creation of new virtual venues, spaces, event, assets, services etc


Enables more people to earn more from Gaming Services

With no financial fees, fewer barriers to entry and an embedded digital wallet, more earnings can be retained by developers and gamers. This incentivizes more people to create and sell game experiences, extensions and entirely new income streams and markets with players selling or re-selling virtual services, experiences, assets, tools.
Fluid Commerce Marketplace Sectors

Fluid Commerce
All earned value retained in the network

Service Providers
(retain earned value)

Service Consumers
(Spend earned value)
Internal Payments
using digital wallet technology
No third Party Fees
for internal transactions
Wallet accounts can hold
any digitally represented value
Multiple digital value types
No credit card or Bank
account needed
service in e-commerce marketplaces

Typical current e-commerce
Earned value reduced by the banking system

Service Providers
(earned value sent to banks & debit cards)

Service Consumers
(pay with debit/credit cards)
External Payments
via a third party payment providers
Credit Card or Banks Charge
fee based on transaction value
No available to unbanked
& those with low FICO scores
Non Inclusive
Digital wallet accounts
limited to fiat currency usage
Limited digital value types
Potential benefits from adopting Fluid Commerce
A company can increase ecommerce revenue by up to 49% based on
published research:
Revenue from increased user trust:1up to 21%
Earning and utilizing value without traditional financial systems (inclusion):2 up to 6%
“One-tap” instant transactions: higher conversion rates:3 up to 18%
Feeless peer-to-peer transactions:4 up to 3.5%
Transaction Integrity: real-time settlement negates payment fraud, encourages trust and minimizes revenue loss:5 up to 0.2%
Fluid Commerce provides significant competitive advantage and additional revenue from users that join from competing marketplaces.
Supporting Research
In The Media

Evvio Underscores Need for Innovation in Ecommerce Payment Technology as U.S. Ecommerce Approaches $1 Trillion and Social Commerce Grows

With a predicted 5x growth in Social Commerce to $2.9 Trillion by 2026 (Statista), $30 Trillion of wealth expected to pass from Baby Boomers to Millenials/Gen X but ecommerce still using a slow, expensive payment system from the Merchant-to-consumer era, Evvio believes the time for innovation in payments is now and Fluid Commerce could be the answer.

Co-Founder Adrian Jones talks to Bloomberg Radio

Our co-founder Adrian Jones recently had a lively discussion with Tim Stenovec and Katie Greifeld of Bloomberg Radio on the issues of current ecommerce and how Fluid Commerce could solve them.